Cloud-based hosting provider iNSYNQ fell victim to ransomware

Cloud-based hosting provider iNSYNQ fell victim to ransomware

Last Tuesday, iNSYNQ, which offers virtual desktop environments, fell victim to ransomware, causing it to shut down ....
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Malicious framework generates 1 million ads

Flashpoint researchers have discovered a great advertising framework that is parasitic of Google AdSense ads. Researchers have said that ...
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Equifax: 650 fine for million-dollar hacking for 2017

Equifax is going to pay a huge fine (about 650 million dollars) for the 2017 data breach incident ....
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VLC Media Player: Vulnerability allows hackers to run code

Critical vulnerability was discovered in the current version of VLC Media Player. This flaw allows hackers to execute code in ...
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APT34: New campaign uses LinkedIn to distribute malware

The APT34 team reappeared with a new attack. The group, related to Iran, is ...
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Free PDF Converter to Word Doc

How many of you ever needed to convert a PDF to a Word document for free? How to edit RFDF files without purchasing an expensive FDF processor? How to extract text and images from RFDF files?

Free Free RDF to Word Doc Converter is a document conversion tool that will help you convert Adobe MDF files to Microsoft Word (Doc) files.pdf

The program can extract text, images, and shapes from a PDF file and transfer them to a Word Doc file keeping the layout. It will convert all pages of the FDF.

It is a standalone program - you can convert FDF files to Word Doc without having Adobe Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Word installed!

Basic features:

  • Convert FDF to Word by keeping your original layout of your FDF in an editable Word document.
  • Converts text labels, graphics, and shapes from the FDF file to Word Doc.
  • Convert all pages, or pages of your choice of a .DF file to a Word file.
  • Adobe Support XDF 1,0 up to 1,6.
  • It can automatically open the Doc file when finished with the conversion.
  • Several options to convert FDF to Word for a better result.
  • Very useful for digitizing conventional documents
  • Conversion at very high speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • and of course completely free!

Download the free app from one of the links below

Free PDA to Word Doc Converter v1.1

Mirror: pdf2wordsetup.exe

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