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Samsung Internet for Gear VR o 1os virtual reality browser

A new platform without relevant content can not be considered as exciting, but it is worth noting Samsung's effort to release the first Web browser for Gear VR. Yes, we are talking about the first virtual reality browser.Samsung Internet for Gear VR 1

The new browser is called 'Samsung Internet for Gear VR' and will allow you to browse web pages without having to remove your device. Internet for Gear VR


An even more useful feature of the new browser is that you will be able to watch videos directly from web pages without having to download your device.

Although it is the first real-world virtual reality browser, it seems to be equipped with very practical features. You can use voice recognition to enter the application, or a screen keyboard.

You can also use the app through your device, just by the eyes, looking at menu features.

The application allows you to import bookmarks from other browsers.

The beta version of the application will be available for download from tomorrow. You can find it through Oculus Store. The application is compatible only for Korea's latest phone as well as Note 4.

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