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Google bypasses any passcode on Android remotely

How Safe are Devices Using Old Google Function?

According to a document drawn up by the New York Public Prosecutor's Office (PDF), all earlier versions of Android can be infringed very easily (with password reset) remote from Google if there is a court decision, allowing Authorities to explore the contents of a device.android security google

The document, which examines the impact of full disk encryption on law enforcement access, reports that devices running Android 5.0 (and newer) are not able to be tampered with using the remote password reset technique as they use full disk encryption (which however is not turned on by default for many devices).

Any device that uses an older version of Google's operating system is vulnerable to remote recovery.

“Researchers are able to bypass passwords for some of these devices using a variety of forensic techniques.

For some other types of Android devices, Google may reset passwords when requested with a search warrant to assist law enforcement authorities in extracting data from the device. ”

In accordance with Android Developer Dashboard, this means that the 74,1 percent of devices that still use an older version of Android can be remotely compromised at any time.

See the chart below:



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