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Virustotal Uplink for Android

The official VirusTotal Android app has not been updated by 2012, which means that many people choose third-party applications to scan their apps and files for malicious content.

Of course, it's remarkable, as VirusTotal is a Google company.

Somewhere here comes VirusTop Uplink a new app for Android devices that offers what the official VirusTtal application and more.VirusTotal Uplink

The biggest addition to features is the ability to scan any file stored on the device or a connected cloud hosting account, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

The application displays all previous scans chronologically in the startup workspace. At the touch of a button adds, in the lower right corner, options to scan an installed application or file.

VirusTop Uplink calculates the results using known file fragmentation values ​​if partitioning is already known.

From the list of settings, you can change the functionality of the applications. You can change the configuration to delete old reports automatically, or change notification options (your default notifies you whenever a scan is completed).

You can download the app from here

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