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The worst passwords from hack to Ashley Madison

When hackers gained access to 36's millions of Ashley Madison accounts, a married site, many were worried and wanted to know what was stolen.security Ashley Madison

One month after the violation was notified, hackers released the first pack of stolen data. Email addresses, passwords, and credit card transactions leaked from 18 August. A few days later, more data came in, including: internal emails with Avid Media Life's parent company.

The tens of millions of passwords, leaked from Ashley Madison's page, were encrypted, with bcrypt. Robert Graham security researcher at Errata Security, Reported on their blog, that the event was a "refreshing change." This means that users with strong passwords are "safe."

But we can not say the same about weak passwords.

Security expert Dean Pierce Reported how he managed to break the encryption of weak passwords with a "cracking rig."

The results should not surprise us. Using weak passwords on the site was terrible.

Pierce spent five days executing an automated password "crack" process, and stopped at about 0,0006 percent of all leaked data. But that means 4.000 decrypted passwords.

The most common password was the well-known “123456”, while the also known “password” came in second. (You can download the full list from Google Drive, by Pierce.)

It is worth noting that in the case of Ashley Madison, it is not clear at what point in time the data with the passwords leaked. It is likely that the website allowed weak passwords in the first days of its operation, and later required stronger when signing up for the site. .

“It may also be impossible to break any password with bcrypt, but given that many users use weak passwords, it doesn't matter if the passwords are bcrypted and salted. Some will break. ”

See the worst passwords from Ashley Madison's hack

123456 202
Password 105
12345 99
12345678 31
ashley 28
baseball 27
abc123 27
696969 23
111111 21
Beach football 20
f ** kyou 20
madison 20
and ** sticks 19
superman 19
f *** me 19
hockey 19
123456789 19
hunter 19
harley 18


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