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Jihad for hackers with NotePad ++

An online ghetto develops between Islamists and pro-Westerns hackers. Anonymous days ago #OpCharlieHebdo began as a reaction to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Western activists are currently trying to wipe out Muslim accounts from Twitter, as well as hit websites related to terrorism.Anonymous Hackers Attack ISIS

Anons claim their first success with a hit against the website, a French-speaking Jihad forum.

In response, Islamic hackers managed to deform several French websites. A team called the United Islamic Cyber ​​Force scoffed at Anonymous in various distortions and called on other Muslim hackers to participate in the hacking campaign "OpFrance."

The team United Islamic Cyber ​​Force (uicforce) and others like FallaGa, the most organized group set up by 2013, have made significant hits on French websites.

A remarkable victim is the open source application of Notepad ++, annoyed by Muslim hackers because it released a version of its software that said: "Je suis Charlie." The site was quickly restored but the fact leaves many questions as the reference an Is Suis Charlie does not offend the prophet of the Islamists. Probably we have reached seasons where freedom of speech is not right.

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Defacements are usually the online equivalent of vandalism, since the goal is to completely destroy the site. Naturally, such an attack can be far more serious if hackers "plant" malicious software on the site they violated.

In a world without fences and walls, who needs Gates and Windows


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