Gandcrab 5.2 ransomware: Spread through phishing emails about a new influenza pandemic

Gandcrab 5.2 ransomware: Spread through phishing emails about a new influenza pandemic

New malware campaign spreads through email distributing a known variant of the notorious ransomware - Gandcrab v5.2. Malicious activity detected ...
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They illegally recorded private 1,600 customer moments in a hotel in South Korea

South Korea arrested four men accused of online "private moments" streaming in 1600 hotel rooms. Men are allegedly ...
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Firefox 66.0.1: New version to address security vulnerabilities

During the Pwn2Own hacking contest, there were two major vulnerabilities in the recent version of Firefox, Firefox 66. This...
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What to do if a hacker invades your computer

Hackers come into your computer for a variety of reasons. Some people want to steal sensitive information and sell them on ...
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Flaw in Facebook, store codes in plain text

A flaw discovered on Facebook in January seems to have resulted in users' passwords being stored ...
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40 Useful Google Scripts

Below we present a very useful collection of Google Scripts for Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Contacts, Docs, and other company services.

Google Scripts Scripts Google Scripts Scripts Google Scripts Scripts Google Scripts Scripts Google Scripts Google Scripts

  1. Website Uptime Monitor - Download direct email and notifications SMS when one of them websites your is offline. You can watch all domains your for It's free.
  2. Amazon Price Tracker - Watch the prices of loved ones your products on Amazon and receive email notifications when The Prices climb or descend.
  3. Read Receipts in Gmail - Use Apps Script and Google Analytics for watching of outgoing messages in Gmail your and be notified when recipients open and read it e-mail your.
  4. Advanced Gmail Filters - more control σthe Criteria classification of incoming messages your in Gmail
  5. Download Tweets Permanently - specify any hashtag and the script will downloaded and store all tweets that match in Google Sheets.
  6. Sell ​​Digital Products Online - Use one combination of PayPal and of Google Drive to set up your own your digital store.
  7. Save Google Voicemails as MP3 - The web app will copy automatically like MP3 voicemail messages your from Gmail and will store it at Google Drive.
  8. Gmail Encrypt - You can encrypt outgoing messages of Gmail your, using the strong encryption BEA and nobody do not will is in position to spies The private conversations your.
  9. 1-click Website Hosting - Use this Google Script to save websites, photos, podcasts and podcasts but multimedia files at Google Drive with one click.
  10. Google Form File Uploads - You can download archives direct on Google Drive your from anyone through molds HTML created with HTMLService.
  11. Google Web Scraping - Import Google Search into the Google Spreadsheet with the mode ImportXML for analysis ή export them in others forms.
  12. Flipkart & Snapdeal Price Tracker - Tracking and compare σthe prices of its species Flipkart and Snapdeal with alerts prices via email.
  13. Mail Merge with Gmail - Mission personalized messages email your contacts using Gmail. I am a big fan of messages may have attachments and to write yet messages in HTML format.
  14. Files Permissions Explorer - See who he's got access in shared files and envelopes your on Google Drive and edit the royalties.
  15. Send to Google Drive - You can save the attachments of your Gmail directly to Google Drive applies only for one specific tag.
  16. Save Gmail Images - The script he watches its inbox gmail your and will automatically save by any chance attached pictures on Google Drive your.
  17. Sort Gmail by Size The gmail your is full. The script will show you everything the bulky messages at mailbox of Gmail your.
  18. Bulk Forward Gmail - Function Car-Forward in Gmail works only for incoming messages, but the bulk forward script may send in bulk even larger ones email to other addresses email your.
  19. Update Google Contacts - Οyour friends and the family members your they can add directly or to inform the data contact their in the book your Google Addresses.
  20. Google Contacts Map - Google Script will add the postal address of your contacts from Google Map. You also to export this data as a record KML for Google Earth.
  21. Email Form Data - Google Forms be the best tool for creating online polls and surveys. The script will send you the set of data of Form just someone the submit.
  22. Auto Confirmation Emails - Send email confirmation to your e-mail address of the user post submission a form of Google Form.
  23. Google Forms Schedule - Set a date expiry date for Google Form and schedule whenever it closes automatically.
  24. Twitter Bot - Find out how write your own your Twitter bot that responds automatically in tweets.
  25. Twitter Out-of-Office - You can create automatic replies type "away from my computer" for people who trying to contact with you via Twitter and not you are there.
  26. SMS Alerts for Gmail - You can receive notifications SMS for the significantly incoming messages in Gmail connecting you inbox your with a private account at Twitter.
  27. Extract Email Addresses - The script scans the mailbox your and creates one list of addresses people's emails had communicated with you. Useful for the craft lists marketing.
  28. Gmail Transfer - Change email; The script will copy automatically all the messages email your from your old one inbox gmail in the other mailbox that could to be in any service.
  29. Reminder for starred messages - Κeveryday reviews in a list messages that you have put it «star"
  30. Advanced Gmail Search - Gmail supports too many commands search, but with the script you can also use regular expressions for search messages in Gmail.
  31. Twitter RSS Feeds - Twitter no longer has RSS feeds but you can use Google Script to create your own your RSS Feeds for Twitter timelines, searches and lists.
  32. Google+ RSS Feeds - Script is based on a Chrome add-on and will help you get RSS from any Google Plus user. The script was written by Eric Koleda.
  33. Translate RSS - You can translate RSS feeds from one foreign language to your parent language to Script
  34. Gmail Label Feeder - Create a RSS feed for any of the labels of Gmail you. Written by Martin Hawksey.
  35. Gmail Meter - The script will help you analyze the way you use it Gmail and will produces statistical data, such as how many e-mail you send, what is the average length of your messages, every time, etc. Developed by Roman Vialard.
  36. Gmail Delay Send - The script will send your email the day and time you set.
  37. Gmail Clean-up - Clean your Gmail with filters you specify
  38. Save Gmail as PDF - save your email as a PDF file.
  39. Force Password Change - if you are an admin on a domain using Google Apps, the script will force all users of the service to change passwords.
  40. Self-destructive Messages - Self-destructing Google Sheet, deleted once read

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