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Offline Ello from DDoS attack

The social network Ello went offline today. The new service has been in place for just over a month and has already experienced problems that many social networks face in their early days. Right now the social network seems to have come back.

ello downtime

A visit to any of the pages of the site led to the following error message: “The website is not available, we are carrying out some necessary maintenance. Any updates on the status of our page will follow. ”

However, according to the Ello status page, the interruption is not due to maintenance: "We accept a possible service attack." The company began investigating the DDoS attack at 16:15 p.m. EST.


It is possible that the first error message is the default one that automatically appears when something goes wrong (the page title still says "Offline for maintenance"), while the status page gives more accurate information. According to the administrators as you can see in the last message, after blocking the IPs the page works again.


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