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New Philips 144Hz Gaming Display

242G5_for leafletΗ MMD, the world's leading high-tech monitor and brand partner partner of PC screens Philips, presents the exciting Full HD screen 61 ex (24 ") that offers ultimate gaming experience. The 144 Hz Gaming screen stands out for the incredibly fast 144 Hz refresh time and the very short response time of one millisecond, offering real-time gaming experiences with no delays. Fanatic gamers will also discover many useful auxiliary equipment options, such as slots.
What makes the Gaming 144 Hz so unique is the fact that it has been created specifically for gamers as developers designed it with serious consideration of the comments and remarks of their partners and e-sports enthusiasts. It also features a high-end TN panel that delivers extremely fast response times, just one millisecond, for extremely detailed, very clear and sharp images without ghosting effects. Additionally, this advanced gaming screen restores the image up to 144 times per second, ie 2,4 x faster than a normal screen. As a result, it offers extremely smooth and shiny images.

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242G5DJEB_s144 Hz refresh time reduces eye fatigue and offers additional significant benefits, such as less latency and more frames per second. This is very important when it comes to playing first-person shooters because the enemy moves can be detected faster and more clearly. And to further enhance performance on different types of games, MMD has equipped the 144 Hz Gaming 144 Hz screen even with a dedicated on-screen display.
Many smart features
The new Gaming screen with a high-quality finish, features a wide variety of features that will be loved by users:
<br>• SmartKeypad - a specially designed remote control that provides faster access to gaming pre-settings. Additional function keys, up and down, allow easy navigation in the OSD menu.
<br>• SmartFrame - highlights areas where you can more easily locate your opponents by boosting the RGB level in the selected area.
<br>• SmartSize - Allows you to change the display mode according to your personal preference.
Last but certainly not least, an optional MHL cable allows you to play HD video and audio or even use your mobile phone.
Complete set of sockets
The Full HD model displays a signal through a full set of sockets (VGA, Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort and universal HDMI). The display can also accommodate a USB 3.0 hub that supports not only fast data transfer but also offers fast charging of mobile devices.
Perfect ergonomics
With height adjustable 130, the tilting screen also features a swivel and pivot swivel function that allows 90 ° to rotate the screen and restore it to portrait within seconds. This delightful ergonomic flexibility is complemented by the possibility of placing the screen on the wall.
Green technology
The Gaming screen 144 Hz is energy-efficient as it uses backlight LEDs. With consumption of only 18,58 watts in operating mode (and only half a watt in standby mode), it complies with basic rules such as Energy Star 6.0. The new screen is manufactured without the use of lead or mercury and therefore qualifies for many important certificates.
The 144 Hz Gaming screen is already available on the market with an estimated retail price of € 399 (including VAT).


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