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Imagine how it would be an iWatch with convex glass [Concepts]


iTV, iRadio and now iWatch. The rumors for Apple never stop, while the latest ones want Cupertino to work on a worn product called "iWatch". We do not know much about the device yet, but rumors want it to have a curved glass screen.

Since the rumors about iWatch have re-emerged, many have begun to wonder how this device will look like and how it will work.

The above concept comes from The Guardian. Although the rendering of iWatch is not very beautiful, the concept has all the features that are rumored to exist, Siri, curved glass screen, a way to monitor the health and connectivity with iOS devices, and add the possibility a low power Bluetooth system that will wirelessly charge the watch and will be done in collaboration with Intel.

Their iWatch article has several good remarks, which help to create an insight into how the future of smartwatch will be. For example, Nike's FuelBand is well-known for its health monitoring system, and Apple CEO Tim Cook is a member of the Nike council, so there's also no equivalent to iWatch technology.

In addition, The New York Times supports the idea that Apple would release an iWatch because, unlike Google's hi-tech glasses, which is a more sci-fi approach to the technology to be worn, wearing a sophisticated device in their hand is much more normal. People always wore digital watches and health counters whenever it is much easier to wear and smartwatch.


Another concept, this time by him Esben Oxholm, which looks quite beautiful. It has a hard and light metallic strap with matt color, while of course there is no missing convex glass screen. Its inside is made of rubber to keep it firm in the hand and not slip.

Earlier concepts that were released were quite beautiful, but they did not use the curved glass screen for this and the whole design was quite different. The above, from Oxholm, is so far more precise we have seen so far.


Some of the best articles about iWatch come from former Apple executives. The founder of Apple's Human Interface Group, Bruce Tognazzini, gave enough good evidence of how iWatch could be:

Whatever the capabilities of iWatch will be able to handle them (via iPhone and Siri) "Set timer for 22 minutes" , "Wake me up at 6: 45" , whereas that information can give you, you will be able to display it simply by asking, "How long is my flight?" , "How long does it have now? "

Of course, you can handle it by tapping on the screen, but Siri will take on the most complicated processes.

Another former Apple executive who was working for that 90 'decade, analyzed how an iWatch would fit into Apple's business model:

It's hard to imagine that Apple will simply integrate a component into the iPod. IPod sales are constantly decreasing whenever an iPod as iWatch is sure to give them a push, but it's hard to believe that "100 people" would be working on a project that would be a simple iPod component. And if Apple actually works on a separate iWatch, which will be an even more "personal" computer, then there are many questions that need to be answered. How it will be the User Interface, what sensors it will have, what version of iOS it will use, what new applications will be created for it, what its connectivity to the other devices will be and of course what its price will be.

With so much that has been released lately for iWatch, we believe that the question we have to do is no, "if" Apple will release such a device, but "when?" None of the rumors so far says it has entered in production or coming this year. With Google Glasses running 2014, Apple's iWatch will probably take a few more years.

Dimitrios Georgoulas @ GreekAppleNews


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