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Home security Tor wants to secure Internet of Things (IoT)

Tor wants to secure Internet of Things (IoT)

The Guardian Project, Home Assistant and Tor Project joined forces to create and strengthen a new security system that is capable of protecting the Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The basic principle behind this new system is to route all data traffic from the device to the end user or master update severs via a Tor connection, rather than using the public Internet.

The new system is actually the Home Assistant platform run by a specialist Tor Onion Service Configuration that provides secure and remote access to your IoT device.

Users only need one device Raspberry Pi (or something similar) to run Home Assistant software. This, in turn, will run a Tor configuration, which, in a simplified explanation, creates a special Onion site on the device.

Remote users who want to access the IoT device should be aware of it Onion link to the Home Assistant software first, which will then link to the actual IoT device, working with a proxy.

The benefits of using such a system are obvious to both users and IoT vendors who may be interested in integrating this technology into their devices by default.

First of all, there is no need for complicated software development by creating complex SSL / TLS certificates for support HTTPS connections, since all Tor links are encrypted by default, with multiple encryption layers (Onion Protocol).

Second, users do not need to open firewall ports or use VPNs to access their IoT devices. All links will go through the hidden network and no one will know what is connected. It could be your baby's IoT webcam at home or buying drugs (!).

Scanning of Tor, IoT-protected devices is technically impossible. This means that you no longer need to look for vulnerable IoT devices through Shodan and blindly fall into vulnerable equipment.

"Too many things in our homes, in our hospitals, in our businesses and throughout our lives are exposed to the public Internet without the ability to protect their communication. Tor provides this free of charge with an open-source powerful software with state-of-the-art cryptography, "says Nathan Freitas, Executive Director of the Guardian Project.

Below you can watch a video presentation of the new Tor IoT protection system by Nathan Freitas, Executive Director of the Guardian Project and a partner of To Project.

[su_youtube url=”” width=”640″ height=”380″][/su_youtube]

Finally, you can find more information and details on the Internet of Onion Things presentation, here.


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