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Linking to strangers on LinkedIn helps hackers

Linking with people you do not know in LinkedIn, according to the Intel Security survey, can help hackers steal your company data.


The research by Intel Security revealed that the British have allowed a hacker to gather information that people do not know.

Intel survey respondents said they accept "friendship" requests on LinkedIn by people they do not know.

"When a person in a similar industry with us, or an advertiser, sends a link to LinkedIn, they may look harmless, but hackers are lurking. Social networking sites are a treasure trove of data used by malicious agents to investigate potential targets for attacks, not only by asking to connect with senior executives, but also with many lower or middle-level employees of a company.
Then, they are targeting top-level execs, using their existing links to colleagues as proof of reliability.
Once these links are ready, a targeted phishing campaign can begin. "

said Raj Samani.
According to the FBI, such attacks are on the rise, saying criminals are sending fake invoices, fake invoices, and so on, using accurate but false e-mail.

Most respondents in the survey said their employer had not told them about the company's social media policy.

"Businesses should train all staff members on how to avoid common scams, and raise awareness about the risks of opening unknown attachments in messages or storing unknown links."


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