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5 common hacker strategies to steal your identity

Below are the top five hackers used to steal your identity

A nice morning you wake up and you have suffered what we call "identity theft". Although someone's identity theft is not legitimate, there are several insidious, but legitimate ways that fraudsters and hackers can use to suffer the so-called "identity theft". The first step to stop this worrying scenario is to know the most common data collection systems that could make you vulnerable.

5 common hacker strategies to steal your identity

Below we will see five tactics you need to know so you can have your "control" of your identity.

Espionage of Social Media

People have begun to share, more than ever, things about their personal life through the internet with the emergence of social media. While you can basically connect with old friends you've lost and relatives, it's also simpler for an impostor or hacker to get your personal data into your hands that could lead to identity theft. In general, if you decide to reveal your personal information, such as birthday or any other personal information, it is suggested that you keep your profile settings private and have the consequences of anything you post. For example, viewing your holiday everywhere could make a thief understand that your home is unattended or that you do not have access to your e-mail.

Social engineering

Some scammers and hackers will create traps that are primarily dependent on human interaction to gain access, instead of spending time trying to guess or track down your personal details. This tactic is known as "Social engineering». Often, these hackers appear as a friendly person or company looking for information. The tricks of social engineering depend on people's curiosity and the confidence they show. You may want to be careful about "urgent" emails that try to confirm your logins or unsafe friend requests to SOCIAL MEDIA.

Interception from your old hard drive or computer

Do not just give your old computer the existing hard drive intact if you're looking to sell or get rid of it. You could inadvertently hand over the keys to your personal information to someone who wants to steal ID card your. Make sure the hard drive is replaced and damaged before discarding or upgrading an old machine.

Phishing based on Malware

There are chances of being more vulnerable to scams hiding behind "fixes" in the problem when you feel that your computer is running malware. If you feel that your computer is infected or has downloaded illegal content and if you are offered an immediate solution to the problem, then think twice. You can actually end up installing malicious software instead.

Vishing or "voice phishing"

Voice phishing or "vishing" scams are voicemails or robocalls posed by scammers and hackers hiding behind businesses or government agencies with the sole purpose of getting your attention. They will want to make you disclose important identifying information such as your social security number or credit card quickly by your phone. An advice: A credible organization does not work this way.


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