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The combined tragedy due to an anti-virus scan


In a life-threatening situation, an incident occurred where critical medical equipment was affected during a heart operation due to a planned anti-virus scan on the connected computer. This device is Merge Hemo and was connected to the computer, which was sending data for recording and monitoring.

The incident happened in February 2016 and fortunately for the patient, the doctors waited patiently for the PC to complete the restart and scan process, instead of panicking.

Merge Hemo is often used by cardiac surgeons to monitor the catheterization of the heart, during which doctors insert a catheter into veins and arteries to diagnose various types of heart disease. Merge Hemo consists of two main modules. The main ingredient is real medicine device, associated with the catheters through which data acquisition takes place. This item is connected to a local computer or tablet. The second component is a software that runs on the doctor's computer or tablet, and receives recorded data and records them or displays them on the screen through simple chart readings.

However, the Merge Hemo PC app may be discontinued like any regular software, but as a specialized device, doctors report the incident. The software vendor must then investigate and file an Adverse Event Exposure with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

As mentioned above, this assumption is based on such a report submitted by Merge Healthcare in February. The report reports that Merge Hemo suffered a mysterious accident just in the middle of heart surgery when the screen became black and the doctors had to restart their computer.

Fortunately, the patient was drugged and the doctors had five minutes to wait for the computer to finish restart, restart the application and complete the scanning process without risk to the patient's health.

Based on the report from the doctors, the crash was attributed to the anti-virus software running on the computer. The report states that the antivirus was programmed to scan for viruses every hour and the scan was started right in the middle of the surgery, crashing the Merge Hemo and endangering the patient's life. Antivirus froze access to critical data obtained during cardiac catheterization. Without access to real-time data, the application was dramatically disorganized.


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