Cryptocurrency: Ways to Enhance Your Privacy
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Cryptocurrency: Ways to Enhance Your Privacy

Privacy and privacy on the internet are of great importance. It is not enough to take one or two measures to protect ...
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KnowBe4: The world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform

KnowBe4 is the provider of the world's largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform. Sales of KnowBe4 ...
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What are the most common passwords? Risk of violation

Passwords are a matter that has been discussed many times. The National Security Center in the UK presented a ...
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Windows Update: Caused problems with Sophos, Avira and Avast

9 April released the new Windows security update. However, it was noticed that after installing the update some ...
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The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel was attacked by ransomware

The Weather Channel Global Weather Channel was attacked by ransomware resulting in the live broadcast being interrupted for about 90 minutes ....
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NASA denies having been hacked by AnonSec!

On Wednesday, NASA denied the group hacking assertion associated with them Anonymous, AnonSec that they violated one of the organization's best drones.


The space agency said the 250GB data that AnonSec said was stolen by violating NASA networks contains information that was already public!

This Sunday, AnonSec became a front page by posting massive NASA data that included 150GB drones with names, email addresses, and phone numbers over NASA's 2.400 workers. See what SecNews wrote about the incident:

[button type = »link» link = » B8% CE% B7% CF% 83% CE% B1% CE% BD-% CF% 83% CF% 85% CE% BD% CF% 84% CF% 81% CE% AF% CF% 88% CE% BF % CF% 85% CE% BD-drone-222% CE% B5% CE% BA-% CE% B5% CE% B9% CF% 81% CE% B7% CE% BD% CE% B9 / »size =» btn-big »variation =» btn-danger »] NASA Hack: They tried to crash Drone $ 222. in the Pacific Ocean [/ button]

The data immediately began to be available on different servers. In the same publication, the hackers claimed that they had partially taken control of one drone which flew over the Pacific which was one of two Northrop Grumman NOC + 1.06% Global Hawk unmanned aircraft.

However, the latest news is that NASA has denied AnonSec's statement and made the following announcement:

"The control of our Global Hawk aircraft was not compromised. Supposed hacked data is nothing more than data already available to the public. NASA takes cyber security very seriously and will fully investigate all these allegations. "

The National Aeronautics and Space Agency argues that it is constantly releasing information that is open to the public and so any hacker could take them and claim to have stolen them from the internal system of the service. The service said the Open Data website has 30.000 datasets that everyone can see.

Hackers also claimed they had access to the service network from 2013 and initially did it just for the fun and thrill of hacking NASA!

What is the truth after all? Is hacking done or not?

[button type = »link» link = » % 1D% CF% 8% CF% 80% CE% B84% CE% B5-% CE% B9% CE% BC% CE% B1% CF% 5% CE% B81% CE% BA% CE% AE-% CE % AD% CF% 9% CE% B87% CE% B5-% CF% 9% CE% BF% CE% BB% CE% B80% CE% BC% CE% B5% => Btn-large »variation =» btn-warning »] The NASA hacker reveals: America has war spaceships! [/ Button]
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