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Home security RIP Java Plug-In! Or rather Rest in Hell!

RIP Java Plug-In! Or rather Rest in Hell!

Good news from the world of online security! Oracle, which has created the Java Plug-In that has made browsers vulnerable to 1995, has finally announced its shutdown.

Java Plug-In

The Java Plug-In will not "die" right away! It will be removed to the next version of the Java Developer Kit basically so Oracle says in a nice way that it will drop it under the carpet and encourage users not to use it. The functionality will be totally eliminated in a later version, since everyone says the last goodbye.

It's a perfectly logical move and it really is time to do it! Chrome, Mozilla, and Microsoft Edge have either stopped supporting plug-ins or have announced they will do so soon, leaving no room for Java Plug-In support.

Most importantly, Java Plug-In is a terrible problem for computer security that needs to stop at all costs! Everyone from independent developers to the US Department of Homeland Security has pushed this plug-in zero-day bugs. Kaspersky security firm claims that Jaena's plugin is responsible for half of all 2012 cyber attacks. We also have to mention that last July, hackers they discovered one exploit and tried to infect NATO's systems.

Surely this is the end of an era, your browser will never ask you again if you want to update Java! But surely it will not be missed by anyone! Rest in Hell Java plug-in!


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