Google removes two Chrome ad blockers due to 'cookie stuffing'

Google removes two Chrome ad blockers due to 'cookie stuffing'

Yesterday, Google decided to remove two extensions from the Chrome Web Store. These were two fully functional ad blockers ....
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Smominru Botnet: Violated 90,000 Windows via EternalBlue Exploit

The hackers behind the Smominru botnet hacked almost 90.000 Windows computers last month using EternalBlue exploit and ...
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Adrian Lamo: Who killed the hacker? What does Julian Assange have to do with it?

The mysterious death of hacker Adrian Lamo who betrayed Chelsea Manning comes to the fore again, causing concern for Julian ...
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1,300 Harbor cloud storage vulnerable to attack: Update immediately!

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 have discovered a critical vulnerability in a popular open source cloud system.
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TOP virus scan to safely scan a suspicious email attachment

Normally we all have antivirus software that resides on our computers to protect data files from malicious ...
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Epic trollia! - Donald Trump is .... programming language!

Epic Troll TmpScript! - Donald Trump is .... programming language!

Sam Shadwell and Chris Brown, two computer science students, are committed to "making Python again transient," and, in this endeavor, they traverse Donald Trymy in an epic way! These developers participated in a hackathon and programmed the language together with Dan Korn and Cannon Lewis.


After a total of 20 hours of coding, developers managed to write the TrumpScript, a python based programming language inspired by Donald Trümp.

But, when we say "inspired by Donald Trick", what does that mean?

To write a program in TrpmpScript, you should select malformed sentences using only pre-formed words and only a small subset of the 'logical' operator. The error messages will not help you locate the bug in your code. Words like "true" or "false" are "fact" and "lie".

[button type = »link» link = » % bf% cf% 80% ce% bf% ce% b9% ce% ae% cf% 83% cf% 84% ce% b5-% cf% 84% ce% bf-skype-% ce% b1% cf% 85 % cf% 84% cf% 8c% ce% bc% ce% b1% cf% 84% ce% bf-% ce% be% ce% b5% ce% ba% ce% af% ce% bd% ce% b7 / Btn-big »btn-info»] See how to disable the automatic start of Skype in Windows 10 [/ button]

Some of the TrpmpScript features:

- Only contains integers. America doesn't do half the job! ;)
- All numbers must be strictly larger than 1 million. The trifles are nothing short for the Americans.
- No import statements are allowed.
- Instead of True / False, we have fact / lie.
- Only the most popular English words, Trümp's favorite words, and modern policy names can be used as variable names.
- The error messages are mainly excerpts from the words of Trümp.
- All programs must end with the phrase "America is great."
- Our language will automatically correct Forbes' $ 4.5B to $ 10B

In this raw form, TrybyScript is not Windows-compatible, because Trump is not the type of guy who will trust a computer.

[button type = »link» link = » % 84% ce% b7% cf% 83% ce% b7-% cf% 80% ce% b5% ce% bb% ce% b1% cf% 84% cf% 8e% ce% bd-amazon / btn-big »variation =» btn-warning »] Read more: Amazon's customer service leaked personal information [/ button]
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